I offer bird guiding services at the following rates:

Half day: $ 175.00
Full day: $ 300.00

Please send mail or call 321-720-5516 to arrange personal guiding. After you have arranged a trip with us, you can pay for it with PayPal using a credit or debit card.

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Logistics for Florida Trips

All Florida trips include transportation and guiding services. For multi day trips, we will reserve a block of rooms at a hotel, but guests are responsible for paying for their own room and meals; they are not included in the price of the trip. We are happy to provide water, soft drinks and some snacks such as power bars or granola bars.

You should come prepared for birding in harsh conditions, especially in the summer time. It is important to bring your own hat, sunscreen, and bug repellant. Walking on uneven terrain is required at some, but not all stops. People with limited mobility should inquire before signing up for trips.


We offer classes and presentations to birding groups, non-profits, home owners associations, what ever type of group you have that wants to know about birds. Most classes include a bird walk as well as lecture. We also can create a custom class for you based on your need and location. Here are some of the classes and presentations that we currently offer:

Introduction to Birding: “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait, no, it’s bird... a kinda grayish bird with legs and a maybe it has a head? ...Ugh, I give up!!” Does this sound like you when you see something fly by? If so, join Dee and David to learn the very basics of birding, starting with, “Why should I go birding?” and ending with a bird walk where we will start you on your life list. This is our most popular class

Advanced Introduction to Birding: In this class, David and Dee teach how to observe patterns in flight, song, and behavior to develop a more holistic approach to bird identification.

All About eBird: Have you ever wondered why some birders always have an iPhone? In this class David teaches you how and why you should be using eBird.

Hawk Talk: In this brief presentation, we discuss the basics of Red-shouldered Hawks. This presentation runs about 1/2 hour and is great for a quick lunch time topic.

Historic and Modern Birding in the Dry Tortugas: In this presentation, we introduce you to the birding mecca Dry Tortugas National Park. From their discovery in 1513 by Ponce de Leon, through the visit of naturalist John James Audubon in 1832, to the present, the Dry Tortugas have been known for their amazing richness in migrating land birds and vast seabird colonies. In this presentation, we share Audubon’s thoughts on some of the birds he encountered, and compare them to our slightly more modern take. If you ever wanted to know what Dry Tortugas birds are the tastiest, this presentation is for you (just FYI - the culinary tips come from Audubon’s thoughts, not ours!)

Identifying Birds by Sillouhette: Have you ever seen a bird in bad lighting and you can’t figure out what it is? In this class, David and Dee teach what to look for in bird sillouhettes to determine bird species.

Non-scientific Birding: Join Dee (known as “The Very Bad Birder”) to learn her utterly and profoundly unscien- tific methods for bird identification, including anthropomorphizing, comparing birds to cartoon characters, and when all else fails, making up huge lies.

Pish-free Birding: In this field based class, David and Dee teach you how to bird gently with out using pishing, tapes or calls.

PokemonGo! Birding: Pokemon and birding seem like very different hobbies, but they actually are remarkably similar. Join us to find out how similar they are, why you should do both, and how birders and Pokemon trainers can help each other grow! Before the class, birders, please download the (free) Pokemon app onto your smartphone and create a login. Pokemon trainers, please download the (free) eBird app and create a login.

Sounds of the Night: Have you ever been awaken in the night by someone bellowing WHO COOKS FOR YOU? WHO COOKS FOR YOU? Well come out and join us for this talk as we tell you exactly who it is that cooks for you (that would be the barred owl). We will present photos and sounds of nocturnal birds. Depending on the location and time that we give this presentation, we can also bring along a back lit sheet to show you the kinds of bugs that are out there.

Contact us to schedule a class or request a customized class.