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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MINWR CBC 2013 12 17

One more CBC down, way down in terms of numbers if birds.  Three counts and the individuals count has been down in all three.  Today I was in Territory 1 of the MINWR CBC, a territory I have covered since 1986.  The Oak Hammock area has been steadily declining in winter birds although it still wracks up the birds in fall migration.  I have not seen a Hermit thrush there in many winters and the Black-thorated green warblers we used to see seem to have died.  Numbers of birds in other spots in the area were down as well.  I did manage a couple flocks of Cedar waxwings and a Chipping sparrow, both species are sometimes difficult to find on this count.

Tomorrow, I bird for work in Moore Haven, then trek up to Melrose for their CBC the next day.  Then Zellwood, and Econ before a day off and the Aripeka-Bayport CBC.

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