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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cocoa CBC 2013

Well that was interesting.  When have I even birded all day and had 640 Brown-headed cowbirds and 14 Red-winged blackbirds?  Never!  Numbers of species in our area for the Cocoa CBC were low with 88 species plus a couple domestics.  We missed Painted bunting, which is hard to do in our area.  Very low numbers of most species, except Brown-headed cowbird.  Lesser scaup numbers were up from last year with 1850.  Last year I think it was around 500ish.  Many years we see 5-10,000 in our section of the Indian River Lagoon.

Other low numbers:  Tricolored heron - 1, American coot - 1, Ruby-crowned kinglet - 1, Pine warbler - 2, Chipping sparrow - 3, Laughing gull - 13,000.

Tomorrow I'm leading a trip to STA 1E with Audubon of the Everglades.  Up and at 'em early again.

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